Collection of achievements

In order to cooperate with the further upgrading and improvement of the Shanghai Science and Technology Finance Industry Cluster, objectively and comprehensively display the development process of the integration of science and technology and Financial innovation, and link with the Shanghai Stock Exchange, build a training service base for science and technology innovation enterprises around the science and technology innovation board

With the listing roadshow center, actively connecting with financial capital, and better leveraging the platform function of museum financial services for technological innovation, the Shanghai Science and Technology Finance Museum is now publicly seeking (soliciting) new and interesting ideas from global technology and finance enterprises and institutions

Equipment (capable of integrating the real and virtual worlds of the financial world, creating a digital financial space with a new social system, integrating body and mind, interacting with finance, and experiencing the fun and beauty of financial changes).

The museum hereby announces the relevant matters as follows:

【 Principles of Solicitation 】

1.Strictly follow the laws and regulations of the Law of the China on the Protection of Cultural Relics.

2.The Shanghai Science and Technology Finance Museum is a public welfare institution and its collections are not used for commercial activities.

3.The exhibition collection submitted by 03 must ensure that the source is legal.

【 Scope and Content of Solicitation 】

Domestic and foreign technology finance industry and related enterprises and institutions, including but not limited to: banks, insurance, securities, funds, trusts, foreign exchange; Internet insurance, Internet funds, third-party payments, crowdfunding, credit reporting, supply chain finance

Intelligent investment advisory, online lending, consumer finance, blockchain; Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, Big data, mobile Internet, blockchain and other related technologies.

1. Photos, audio, and video materials to witness the innovation process of financial technology products.

2.Wearable, visual, and experiential financial technology devices, products, and models.

3.Financial Technology Interactive Experience Scenarios.

4.Technology products of enterprises included in the acceptance list of the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

【 Collection method 】

1. Donation: Accept free donations that meet the requirements of the collection scope.

2. Acquisition: For exhibits that meet the exhibition requirements, the museum can negotiate with the exhibition owner to purchase them on a voluntary basis for a fee. Exhibits must be identified, evaluated, and confirmed before being solicited at a reasonable price agreed upon by both parties, and a "solicitation agreement" shall be signed.

3. Lending and copying: For exhibits that the holder is unwilling or unable to transfer ownership, on their voluntary basis, they can borrow or copy the exhibits with unchanged ownership.

4. Handover: Accept storage that meets the requirements of the collection scope, and the museum has storage conditions.

【 Selection feedback 】

1. Issue donation certificates to donation units and individuals.

2. The Shanghai Museum of Science, Technology and Finance will issue honorary certificates to those who donate valuable collections of great historical significance in the name of individuals or institutions, and will permanently record the name of the donor institution.

Organizational Structure

Guiding unit: Shanghai Financial Work Bureau Putuo District People's Government

Organizer: Shanghai Science and Technology Finance Museum

Collaborating unit: Shanghai Modern Service Industry Federation Shanghai Internet Finance Industry Association Debang Securities

[Contact Information]

Contact person: Ms. Wan

Contact number: 13816089408